Unable to set default Web browser

Yesterday I installed a second browser (Chromium) along my choice browser (Firefox) for a job related task which repeats, so Chromium should stay for a little while.

After work I opened a link from my password manager and was shocked that Chromium would open, as I had not set it to be the default browser, and I had not realized that installing a new browser would change the default.

So I went to the Budgie Control Center under Default Applications, where I thought I could select my default browser. And while all other settings for default application are editable (Files, E-Mail, Calendar, Music, Video, Photos), the entry for Web at the top is disabled.

I thought that maybe it needed a reboot and waited until today, but even after a reboot the field stays disabled:


There’s probably a way to do the same thing in a configuration file. Or maybe somebody knows why the field is disabled. I would prefer not to uninstall Chromium just yet.

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Look into ~/.config/mimeapps.list.

There should be some lines like the followings:


Change chromium.desktop to firefox.desktop.
Check if it will effectively set Firefox to be used as default browser.


Thanks, that pointed me in the right direction. The reason seemed to have been this line:

[Removed Associations]

So it seems that I have somehow removed the Firefox association from the options when I fumbled around with the Chromium problem. I removed the Removed association, and Firefox is now a valid option in the configuration list.

Thank you.


You are welcome!
Glad to hear you got it resolved!

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