Unable to select A2DP profile

Hey all,
I’m a little at my wits end after several days of trying to figure this out myself through various searches through the archwiki, general google searching, these forums, and reddit.

I’m running Endeavour through XFCE and before the weekend, my Bluetooth earbuds would connect fine with the A2DP profile while running pipewire (and pipewire-pulse). After a recent reinstall to try out KDE which included a wipe of my home partition (including all the config files), I found I was unable to connect my earbuds to A2DP with the lower quality HSP/HFP profile only being available. After searching and failing to correct the issue, I decided to return to XFCE thinking that may have been the culprit.

I repeated the same wipe of my system including home/config files and have found that I’m in exactly the same boat. I was able to copy bluez-monitor.conf over to .config and managed to get msbc working so at least the HSP/HFP profile sounds slightly better but I have no interest in using the mic on my earbuds and only wish to have just playback. I’m honestly not sure what to do at this point and so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Have you looked at the Arch wiki?


Looks like a bluez bug…you are not alone with this issue.

Thanks. Your searching is definitely stronger than mine as I hadn’t been able to find this at all. Downgrading bluez to version 5.58 resolved the issue immediately. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out to see when this gets fixed. I’m assuming in the midst of my reinstalling the OS, the update to 5.59 occurred which broke being able to connect my earbuds to A2DP sink. Wonderful timing!

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