Unable to persistently stay in the "wheel" group

After a reboot, my users groups were completely reset, and when i try adding myself back to all the groups i need, I am unable to persistently stay in the wheel group, but all other groups are fine. Please help…

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Try creating a new user and see if it happens with that user.

new user seems to stay in wheel…
If it helps trying to trace the issue, ive just installed KVM/libvirt stuff and have been setting that stuff up

Please post the terminal output as text and not screenshot so copy and quoting would be possible.

From what I see, you only use the -G option in:

# usermod -G wheel roberth

You would need the -a (–append) option as well:

-a, --append append the user to the supplemental GROUPS


# usermod -a -G wheel roberth

Logout and log back in.


thanks… i just thought -G appended by default, my fault… Now to figure out why my sound devices no longer exist…

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That would be the subject of a new thread.

If you are content with the outcome of this thread, please check the solution box under the relevant post pointing out the solution for the topic to close.

Good luck with the Sound!

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