Unable to Open Anything Maximum Number of Clients Reached

It’s been an issue that comes and goes recently, but wasn’t there before. The issue resolves by itself after some time. When I try to launch a program I get the following(example with gyazo):

Maximum number of clients reached
import: unable to open X server ':0.0': Resource temporarily unavailable @ error/xwindow.c/XImportImage/4918.
import:  `/tmp/image_upload185978.png' @ error/import.c/ImportImageCommand/1289

I ran lsof -U and got a rerally long list, way too long for me to post here. It mostly said stream CONNECTED so I’m not too sure what all this means.

Perhaps this is of interest:

It’s not my expertise - only trying to help.

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Looks like a steam issue, probably why it keeps restarting.