Unable to mount on partition after update

I updated to plasma 6 and other package then reboot after that. However, after reboot I am unable to mount the encrypted drive.

For context, I use the LUK encryption. I use grub as a bootloader. I also have timeshift but I didn’t enable to work on the grub menu.

Is there a way to use timeshift in the emergency sh in the image below or from a live usb?

I am stuck at this screen.

Any help or what to look into is appreciated.

I’m not the best person to help you, maybe @dalto could
But you can look here (the C and D points)

@2000 wrote

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it and report back.

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Just an update.

The guide you mention really helped a lot. Especially the point you mention.

Timeshift is now working.

Thank you very much.

Although, the update still cause the problem. At least I have a way to do trail and error now to fix it now.

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Cheers !

I don’t use plasma but I see a looooot of post with people having problem with the last update.

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