Unable to login with user: "Authentication Failed" after update

As usual, upgraded a few packages and now I’m unable to login with my regular user. Root seems unaffected. Able to login into a tty as root but not as the regular user (me).

What could be at play here? Pam or something else?
Tried resetting the password as root for my user but nothing, even deleted the user lockfile as well and nope.

Had to boot into a snapshot to be able to login again. It’s just annoying that I have to -_-
Any pointers would be appreciated

Not that I know what might have caused the issue and how to solve it but knowing what got updated and also some journals from the failed session might help those who know:

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Of course:

Inxi: https://clbin.com/deHwp

Boot log: https://clbin.com/G64wv

Also attaching a few images with interesting errors, mostly Pam “deprecated reading” and “user unknown”.

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It says User unknown implying that the user does not exist.
You can verify by searching /etc/passwd.
For example to look for users nvidia* I did

$ sudo grep nvidia /etc/passwd 
nvidia-persistenced:x:143:143:NVIDIA Persistence Daemon:/:/usr/bin/nologin

and … pacman -Qs libx11