Unable to log in after updates

I just ran an update for my system and it asked me to reboot. Now I can’t log in. When I try, I just see the login screen again. My login scripts will start, which means redshift turns on, but I’m just kicked back to the login screen.

I have downgraded the packages I updated and rebooted, but still have the issue.

I have recorded a video, unfortunately the website won’t let me upload videos. But I can share this Tor link of the video hosted on OnionShare:


This means it’s a temporary link, but I can keep it open until the topic is closed.

Edit: I’ve tried the LTS kernel and I still have the issue.

some info about the hardware would help here…


what exactly?


I’m not sure which logs you need and I won’t be able to share the text anyway as I can’t log in to my computer to access my browser. I can only take photos with my phone.

After checking the lightdm logs I found the issue was my startup script which failed to set my background image with feh. It’s stupid that simple thing kept me from logging in.

Hello I know your already fix the problem, but can you point out what change to fix it.
I think to have the same problem like you, my DE is Plasma.

what Desktop and DM anyway?

I’m on i3 using lightdm.

I fixed the line in my session startup script for lightdm.

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