Unable to install Pamac

Pamac fails to install after running through the process. Have tried 3 versions and is the same result.

what does it tel?

Have you tried installing pamac-aur-git? That’s the one I use.


what version of vala do you have

Doesn’t show? I checked vala 0.46.0-1 is in the repo. I don’t think it’s installed on the new install of Cinnamon.

today there was an update of pamac with a new version of vala: vala0.44 0.44.7-1

I tried installing vala vala 0.46.0-1 and nothing. How do i get the new version or is it supposed to just use it on the install of pamac?

I install pamac-aur-git and he offers me version 0.44 of vala

My computer showed that there was a conflict problem between vala and vala0.44. The question asked was whether to delete vala and the default answer was No. But this is one of the rare times when you must ignore the default and answer Yes.

Only after doing that will pamac-aur-git upgrade or, I presume, install.

I hope that this answer is correct for you and that it helps you. I had quite a time upgrading EndeavourOS this morning until I figured out what I needed to do but I did get the system to finally upgrade properly.


who is on aur

I am. There are several programs I want which are only available on the AUR.




#### FredBezies commented on [2019-09-10 06:04](https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pamac-aur/#comment-707544)

September 10th, 2019: there is a building bug with pamac 0.46.0. See https://gitlab.manjaro.org/applications/pamac/issues/649

Until this bug is fixed, you can try vala-0.44 by replacing 'vala>=0.36.6' with 'vala0.44' in makedepends() line.

It is a dirty workaround but at least, you can build pamac-aur again.


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Vala isn’t installed on the computer and the version that is install-able is vala 0.46.0-1

@FredBezies has said he will try to fix it.

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I installed it with evil on vm

on the other hand this morning the update has passed quiet

I have been trying all morning. What is evil?

There is an official fix: https://gitlab.manjaro.org/applications/pamac/commit/fddd7715e23a7199db9498cfee2efecad62074ef


Does that mean i can install it? Nope :sob:

Until pamac-aur maintainer modifies its PKGBUILD, no. But you can use pamac-aur-git version until it happens :slight_smile: