Unable to install pamac-all

I am unable to install pamac-all. Keep getting the following error. What to do?

Command used “yay -S pamac-all”

Hello @Mystic
You probably need to update your mirrors from the welcome app. Then run sudo pacman -Syy

Then install pamac

yay -S pamac-aur-git


Okay, let me try it and will let you know.

It looks like that are trying to install pamac-all so that would be:

yay -S pamac-all
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I don’t know what that gives you? What is -all? Most of us around here tend to use the git package for a reason.

Edit: Oh i see it has flatpak and other stuff set up. :+1:



I’m not a big on flatpak but i prefer it over snaps.

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I am done but I can’t find the application anywhere?

I even did a reboot. Is there any other steps missing after “yay -S pamac-all”?

It may be called “Add/Remove Software”

It should be in all applications. But i have never installed that version as i don’t use flatpaks and stuff. I use the pamac-aur-git version.

Nope, it isn’t there.

Let me try another version and see if it installs perhaps pamac-aur-git as @ricklinux suggested.

Don’t try to install two of them.

What does pacman -Q | grep pamac show?

It would just remove the other package anyway.

Sorry @dalto already installed it before I saw your message.

You were right about the package… the regular pamac-aur-git worked… i have no idea why pamac-all didn’t.

You can see all files in a package with this command:

  pacman -Fl pamac-aur-git

and to look for the apps in the package, you can add a filter, e.g.:

  pacman -Fl pamac-aur-git | grep usr/bin/