Unable to install apps with the Discover app

I have just reinstalled EOS Plasma previously I was able to browse and install applications from the Discover app. The error message states “EndeavourOS is not configured for installing apps through Discover - only app add-ons”. I know the Arch and EndeavourOS philosophy is not to use graphical package managers but I find it easier to browse through available packages with a GUI. I have previously used and liked pamac but found it would fail to update occasionally (I know EOS is not Manjaro). Does anyone have experience using Octopi with Plasma 6?

You should not use discover to install or update repo packages on Arch. This is also true of any other packagekit-based front end.

Yes, you can use Octopi if you like a graphical package manager.


Wow. that was quick. I will give octopi a spin.

Personally I use pkgbrowser to search for packages and pacseek to install them. Pacseek is a cli based command line installer and works really well.

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I just search arch Linux site or aur on the web and open/switch to konsole when I find what I want and install using either Pacman or yay depending where I get the package from

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Yeah I used to use Pamac for awhile buti ran in in to some issues so i just switched to Arch package and AUR search and install with yay I have had no problem since.

And if I needed more info about an program I just looked at git or did a Google search(yes I know Google bad but it is the best search engine to find stuff).

Try switching to Brave search for a week. You’ll find that the results you get are better for stuff like answers to technical questions, whether from Reddit, Stack Exchange, etc.

Additionally, if at any time you feel like the answers are insufficient, you can prepend “!s” to search using Startpage, which returns g00lag search results. Like this:

!s search term I think I need g00lag for

Of course, there are other “!bangs” you can use, like !d, !y, !w, !yt, !g, !b, etc.

In the end, it’s all your choice. Just dropping a suggestion with information on the alternatives you have available to you. :beers:

PS: If you hate Brave for including AI into their search engine, just know that going with g00lag is not even nearly better. Startpage is a good alternative, though, imho. They are likely to start doing the same, of course. :upside_down_face:

Yeah Maby I will try Brave search engine out for a while, never gonna use ther Browser though or any chromium based browsers.

I use the browser mostly for work because the sites I work with are not optimised for Firefox and will sometimes malfunction. That or when some personal sites are giving trouble in Firefox.

The search engine, however, top tier. Except for the image results, and sometimes the news.

The fact that I can add a !bang to the beginning of searches to use another search engine is an awesome feature, even though I rarely feel the need to use it. They borrowed this from DDG, but I didn’t like DDG’s results nor overall look and feel when I used to use it.

Octopi is running great in my KaOs drive…but it’s a different story with KaOs if you are using an Arch based rolling release and I agree with @smokey that you can easy install arch linux packages, AUR packages or other packaging sources just using Konsole/Yakuake for you can be fuller informed in terminal about installing processes, dependencies, suggestions and warnings. Octopi is also a great package manager providing such information when installing/uninstalling.