Unable to edit forum "wiki" anymore

There are some stuff changing over time, i need to edit few things here and there, but for some reason i don’t have wiki option anymore… :confused:

Probably there’s some wiki timebomb.
Can i somehow be enabled to wiki those posts forever or something like that…?

What happens when you try? Do you get an error?

No, unlike before i just don’t have Make Wiki options at all on those threads posts, like this:

But making it a wiki and editing it are not the same thing…

Do you want use to make it a wiki?

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Previously i was making post a wiki when i needed to edit it and disabled it when finished, because of stupid forum edit limitations (there were another thread where @jonathon opened my eyes for a wiki function)

That worked good for some time…

What i want - is whatever would allow me to edit those posts really :laughing:
So far wiki was best option.

The wiki used to be on its own sever, but a few months ago the wiki was changed to
discovery. See this sticky.

I am sure permissions changed as part of the move.


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I mean forum wiki function, it’s not the same :wink:
See screenshot above

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I made them wiki posts for now so you can edit them.


Thx man :+1:
let me just try i wonder if i do edit and than disable wiki how it will react…for the science :upside_down_face:

Ooops. I obviously didn’t make the distinction between the two. :flushed:


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Oh, turns out i still don’t have that admin action…Too bad, but since that seems to be the only way now…

Wonder why there’s timebomb.

Can you please also make post 3 here wiki too?

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