Unable to create new partition using fdisk


$ sudo fdisk /dev/sdb
[sudo] password for erw1: 

Welcome to fdisk (util-linux 2.38.1).
Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them.
Be careful before using the write command.

Command (m for help): m


   M   enter protective/hybrid MBR

   d   delete a partition
   F   list free unpartitioned space
   l   list known partition types
   n   add a new partition
   p   print the partition table
   t   change a partition type
   v   verify the partition table
   i   print information about a partition

   m   print this menu
   x   extra functionality (experts only)

   I   load disk layout from sfdisk script file
   O   dump disk layout to sfdisk script file

  Save & Exit
   w   write table to disk and exit
   q   quit without saving changes

  Create a new label
   g   create a new empty GPT partition table
   G   create a new empty SGI (IRIX) partition table
   o   create a new empty DOS partition table
   s   create a new empty Sun partition table

Command (m for help): F
Unpartitioned space /dev/sdb: 457.47 GiB, 491201961472 bytes, 959378831 sectors
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes

    Start        End   Sectors   Size
994146304 1953525134 959378831 457.5G

Command (m for help): n
Partition number (5-128, default 5): 
First sector (994146304-1953525134, default 994146304): 
Last sector, +/-sectors or +/-size{K,M,G,T,P} (994146304-1953525134, default 1953523711): +5G

Created a new partition 5 of type 'Linux filesystem' and of size 5 GiB.


I don’t see where you issued the “write” command (w):


My bad, that’s a wise feature.

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