Unable to check for updates- "dialog"

The above message only appears on the desktop as a timed dialog
Here’s the complete dialog message:

Unable to check for updates- could not synchronize databases
Failed to Update core: invalid url for server

“dmesg” and “journalctl” doesn’t reveal any errors, warnings. Not sure what triggers the message.

Could you post screenshot of the message?

I don’t have enough time to alter snapshot. Times out in just a few seconds., that’s why its so big. I edited my first post to reflect message.

Might be the ”kalu” app trying to check updates before the internet connection is on. If so, then some settings for kalu might help. And if it is kalu, the issue is not dangerous.

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Your right, in that its “kala” causing this. Removed from autostart and the message doesn’t appear.

The problem is I can’t remove anymore than already removed. Here’s the shot of current. If I try to uncheck any thing more from “During an automatic check” it refused to save.

Maybe adding a delay in autostart could work around the problem.
Something like ’sleep 30 ; ’ before the kalu command?

Perhaps, but I wonder how come no one else is seeing this?

Some of us have seen it. I just didn’t know that your issue was Kalu until now after you posted the image and @manuel mentioned it might be Kalu. So if you follow what @manuel and @fernandomaroto have posted you can edit the startup of Kalu so it’s delayed until your connected. I have same issue on mine with wifi.

I’ve already done that, thanks. Checking “kalu” website and the polkit-1 reference no reference to pause .

It no big deal except the dialog message doesn’t directly id “kalu”.

I think kalu is not showing its name in the message (I believe the message comes from kalu), which is rather unhelpful for users.

I found something interesting. If I remove the ‘sleep’ from kala autostart, the error message appears then kala starts afterwords. The “arch” icon is gray and nothing appears.
The updates never get issued.
But when I use the ‘sleep’ command, kala starts, the “arch” icon blinks for several seconds and then displays message X amount of updates available.

I put in a message at their Arch topic. I’ll see if I get a comment.

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