Unable to change theme

As the title says, I am unable to change the default theme on gnome.
I have created the .themes folder and placed the appropriate files but
they do not show up in shells.
I also have enabled user themes in extensions and successfully changed
my icon pack and cursor.

Any input on this is appreciated. TIA! :slight_smile:

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Iโ€™ve got my themes in ~/.local/share/themes and setting them in Tweaks works fine on my end.


I have in in /home/.themes but I am going to try your method and see if it works and get back to you.

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When you have moved your themes to the new location, a log out and log back in wonโ€™t hurt to try either.

Works like a charm. Thanks. :smiley:

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You are welcome! Glad to hear that the issue is resolved!

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