Unable to change theme using Budgie Desktop Settings

I have followed this tutorial to install Orchis GTK3 themes for Budgie. However, when I try to switch to different themes, the appearance of window decorations and controls do not update based on the theme.

It seems like I stuck with the default Budgie theme for window decorations and controls. I can see that the fonts and icons change based on the selected font/theme.

I am not sure what to look for and where. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

It looks like the Gtk theme didn’t change at all… those aren’t Orchis-styled widgets in those pictures. If you have or install dconf-editor, what does the key /org/gnome/desktop/interface/gtk-theme show?

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Here I’ve simply installed Yaru Colors
It seems to work. Built-in theme switch brings back blue in main menu selected item, but not in Apperance Style: …Interface/gtk-theme value is Arc-darker (default)

The built-in theme only has theming for Budgie panels and applets, nothing else.

Thank you for looking into this.

priten@Steelix ~ $ dconf list /org/gnome/desktop/interface/gtk-theme/
priten@Steelix ~ $ 
priten@Steelix ~ $ dconf list /org/gnome/desktop/interface/

I see that the gtk-theme is not set for some reason.

Try gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme

That command only lists the keys in that directory.

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Seems like the gtk-theme value is set correctly.

Does this affect all applications, or just Budgie Desktop Settings?

It is supposed to apply the theme to all the applications. However, I see some frankenstein’s monster situation where pretty much every other application is using a theme of their own e.g: qBitTorrent, File manager, etc.

Just to be sure, you did log off and back on to apply the settings (if themes are applied on the root level, a reboot is needed)?

Correct, I have rebooted and re logged multiple times but still see the same theme being used. Also, not sure whether it is relevant here but in my previous distro (Solus) and the YouTube video I followed to setup the themes, the theme was applied system wide as soon as it was changed in the Budgie Desktop Settings

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@priten …

Ok, so I can confirm what you say from an Arch Linux VM install with budgie-desktop, according to the Arch Wiki. I have the same situation here, i.e. no GTK themes if applied (Orchis) do actually work. A whole bunch of crap, apparently designed to work with a modified 'Buntu-Budgie desktop, not a “naked” Arch-Budgie…?

What I found to work on some windows (widgets in Budgie) but not all windows is the Dracula GTK theme. Like I said, not homogenous, but only on some app-windows…

Vimix cursors work, icons (regardless) don’t.

Duh… :poop:

For their benefit - buddies of budgie - it is quite light-weight in comparison to Gnome (not to be compared to a WM or Lxqt, Lxde):

$ free -h
              gesamt       benutzt     frei      gemns.  Puffer/Cache verfĂĽgbar
Speicher:      5,3Gi       1,0Gi       3,6Gi        49Mi       623Mi       4,0Gi

(One FF window, one forum-tab opened, nothing else, and still 1G used.)

$ free -h
              gesamt       benutzt     frei      gemns.  Puffer/Cache verfĂĽgbar
Speicher:      5,3Gi       1,5Gi       3,0Gi        80Mi       735Mi       3,4Gi

(One FF window, one forum-tab opened, and one YT video on in a second tab, 1.5G used.)

Thank you for trying. Wish there was some way to fix it

If you run gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme Arc-Darker (or substitute another them you have installed), does the theme change then?

I don’t think it works but I do not have a way of knowing. I switched to Plasma DE yesterday. Sorry for the late update and thank you for your help

No worries. I’m sorry we couldn’t figure this out. It’s a weird one.

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