Unable to change the background and lock screen image ( noob question )

I downloaded a wallpaper and want to use it for the background and lock screen. I moved the file to


and selected it

As you can see the system is still using the default wallpaper ( after reboot ). What am I missing? Am I lacking permissions and the default wallpaper is the fallback wallpaper? The settings are

I want the wallpaper with the dark mode and can’t select the wallpaper via “Add Picture” because I can’t navigate to the mentioned backgrounds directory.

Thanks in advance!

Put your wallpapers in ~/.local/share/backgrounds (that is /home/$USER/.local/share/backgrounds).

Thanks for your reply.

sudo mv /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/arch.png /home/$USER/.local/share/backgrounds

fixed it. Was that correct? :slight_smile:

You could have used cp to just copy. Now you have moved it. No problem in this case, I guess.

Only thing to note is that you don’t need sudo for writing into the directories under your home.

I guess for moving that file from a system directory you had to use sudo.

Now /home/$USER/.local/share/backgrounds/arch.png has root as the owner, you probably don’t want that.
If that’s the case, to change the owner, you can use e.g. command

sudo chown $USER:$USER /home/$USER/.local/share/backgrounds/arch.png 

sorry, I’m a giga noob and still “learning” Linux. After fresh install and downloading a wallpaper, where and how to put it correctly? :slight_smile:


without sudo?

Use terminal command


and give the file path as parameter.

GNOME needs the exact folder to be used…


in case you will need to create the folder before you can copy picture to it…
After you added the pictures there the will appear automatically in the default Gnome settings:

and when you choose one there as wallpaper it will be used automatically as lockscreen too what you can see in Tweaks tool:

no need to set it there.
/home/$USER/.local/share/backgrounds is a dropin replacement path for the systemwide /usr/share/backgrounds path…