Unable to boot into Linux: Vmlinuz-linux Not Found

Since upgrading my packages with the “pacman -Syu” command, Linux gave me the following errors when trying to boot it up:
“Loading kernel linux …”
“error: file ‘/boot/vmlinuz-linux’ not found.”
“Loading initial ramdisk …”
“error: you need to load the kernel first.”

Grub works fine, but I can’t seem to boot my EndeavourOS partition specifically because of this.
What should I do?

There are several causes for that. A few common causes are:

  • You uninstalled the kernel
  • Something happened during an update that caused mkinitcpio to fail and you kernel wasn’t generated.
  • An update was interrupted in the middle.

In your case, I am guessing one of the latter two is the case.

You need to chroot into your installation and then run mkinitcpio -P. Then check to see if /boot/vmlinuz-linux exists. If it does, you should be all set. If not, try reinstalling your kernel with pacman -Syu linux

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A side note: if you are multi-booting, which OS is in charge of grub?

Reinstalling my kernel with “pacman -Syu linux” while in chroot seemed to have done the trick. I’m very grateful of your help! Thanks a bunch.

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