Unable to boot into KDE

I was following below two guides to switch from Budgie to Plasma DE but I have managed to get myself into an issue.



Now when I boot my laptop, I see this error.


I would like to know:
1- how I can recover from this screen?
2- is lightdm the correct Display Manager for Plasma?

Thank you for your help!

Perhaps you removed your greeter?

Try switching to sddm.

sudo systemctl enable sddm.service --force

Oki but how do I access the terminal now? I do not get any option to input a command

does not work?

That opens up HP bios and I get memory and hdd checks

Are you using systemd-boot?

On the boot menu, press e for editing the boot line.

Add systemd.unit=multi-user.target to the options and press enter.


This worked perfectly! I am able to boot into kde now after setting sddm as the window manager. Is there any other dm that I use? I think previously I booted using gdm and the UI looked quite amazing.

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sddm is normally what is used with kde.

I think by default it looks pretty terrible. Open system settings and set the sddm theme to “breeze”.

It is under startup and shutdown->login screen(sddm) in settings.


That worked! Thank you!

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