Unable to boot into endeavouros after computer froze during pacman update (stuck with reboot into firmware)

I was updating my packages in the background (in another workspace using qtile) when my computer suddenly froze. My first-instinct was to just shut it down, and now it has created what seems to me like a disaster. For context, I dual-boot linux and windows on the same PC, but use EndeavourOS as my main driver (and boot drive). When my computer restarts, the screen just says “reboot into firmware interface” where it used to ask me to boot into EndeavourOS. Once I’m there, I can select my drives, but the drive with EndeavourOS doesn’t work, and it just boots into windows instead.

What I tried was using a live boot with a USB stick and using arch-chroot to update my packages. I did sudo pacman -Syu with my wifi connected, and it seemed to have updated all of my packages. However, the issue persists and I’m still unable to boot into EndeavourOS!

I’m also unsure if I missed a step with the arch-chroot, but I did sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt which is where my OS partition was located.

I’m not sure what logs I’ll need to post for help, but I’d be happy to post them. I might be mounting incorrectly, because while chrooting, I tried sudo bootctl update and it says

Couldn’t find EFI system partition. It is recommended to mount it to /boot or /efi.

Update: I resolved the issue, but I’m not exactly sure what the solution was because I did a lot before rebooting. I realized that I hadn’t mounted completely for arch-chroot because I didn’t do sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/efi

I also did these commands which may have helped too. Reboot into firmware interface problem - #6 by chewie

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