Unable to boot after mesa driver downgrade

I use linux for emulation, but with mesa 20 or higher everything in the games goes black. I have had EndeavourOS running with mesa 19 before and that was completely smooth so i tried to downgrade them, but now i just get a black screen instead of booting. Any way to fix or do i have to reinstall, and if i have to reinstall, how do i downgrade them successfully?

Edit: This was a pretty new install so i don’t mind if i have to reinstall, it would just be a bit faster if i don’t.

Can you switch to a TTY with ctrl+alt+f3 after giving your machine time to boot?(even if the screen is black) If so, login there and upgrade your system again with sudo pacman -Syu


Thanks, this fixed it! :+1:
Is there any way to correctly downgrade them, or does endeavouros just not support it anymore?
I wouldn’t mind running an older version if that is the case.

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It is rolling so what happens over time is that downgrades to older versions stop working. Since it is rolling, there are no old versions of the system itself.

That being said, I am not sure if that is the case with mesa 19 or not.

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Well thanks anyways!

As @dalto implied, downgrading is not a solution. It can be a temporary workaround at best, nothing more. And nothing guarantees that it helps at all.

Having said that, there’s e.g. a program downgrade that is able to downgrade packages. It does a good job, but as mentioned above, guarantees nothing.

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I’ll give it a try. :+1: