"ultimate" gaming setup on EndeavourOS ;)


2023 video…Checked few of their recent videos, I guess they moved back to Ubuntu :face_with_peeking_eye:

I mean… If it works better for them, more power to them.

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It’s too long and focuses too much on the wrong details imo. I mean it’s really simple.

Install eOS from liveusb, if you have an nvidia gpu make sure to select the proprietary driver boot option when booting the liveusb. if you do not have an nvidia gpu make sure your vulkan drivers are installed (guy forgot to mention that, they seem to not come installed most of the time for me, might be cause i’m on a laptop and i have both the nvidia gpu and the amd igpu so eos thinks i don’t need the vulkan drivers for the igpu cuz i have the nvidia ones maybe).

Install steam, install lutris + it’s recommended dependencies from it’s manual, install gamemode, you forgot about the install proton-ge and install mangohud parts.

But this really did not need to be a 10 minute video.

Yeah someone who would make a 10 minute video that can be summed up with one or 2 paragraphs like above seems more of the ubuntu type than the arch type.

Only saw some interesting detail setting in the video that could be interesting to be used … Myself not really able to check these things as of I do not own any games.

May i should get some to try stuff out and provide info on tweaking :wink:

That is the wrong reason to buy games, you should buy games to have fun playing them! :laughing:

You could also try some free to play ones, that way you don’t have to spend a dime on it. Maybe War Thunder might suit you, who doesn’t like tanks and fighter jets?

Chess is still the only game I play :chess_pawn:, which doesn’t require any setup :slight_smile:

playing computer games is pure torture on me… i tried 1001 times…


then you were probably just trying the wrong games, even my mother plays games these days, albeit on her phone.

Everyone has their niche here unless they just hate computers in the first place and want nothing to do with keyboards, mice or touchscreens. Maybe you were playing first person shooters when visual novels would’ve been more your thing, or turn based strategy.

How to know what your game is? Well if you see the gameplay and it looks fun to you, then you know.

This guy has good gameplay vids if u wanna actually try looking for something you’d like, granted he mostly plays either old or super obscure games. https://youtu.be/_G0yeNCu5VU

In the early days of home computers my classmates always asking me to help with computers already as of i was a nerd already… … instead of gaming I was the one writing cheat code into their games.
So I know my game already for a long time.


my classmates also ask me for help for computers lol

thats how it starting … welcome to nerdworld


I always died in the intro. Even whith Tetris. Or card games.