UKUI is my Deepin Replacement

I’m the type of Linux user that likes to experiment. Just not satisfied with standard “run of the mill” desktop environments.

Check out UKUI …

History: I was using Deepin but way too many bugs especially since version 20!
With UKUI installed and my preferred software applications installed (Total Packages = 865)


Other than installing the package group, what was involved in setup?


Qt, so not for me…

Yes, some more information would be nice. :slight_smile:

I’m interested as my prime partner is NOT happy about the looks of the new Deepin, and frankly installing that on her laptop would be outright cruel from my side.

I found this “manual” for installing UKUI on Arch, but it might be better to get it from GIT?

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Not for me, yay -S ukui will install, but all my plasma panels are displayed. Looks basic, not many options (for a plasma user :rofl: ).

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I’m going to look into this some more. Some people were saying it looks like Windows, which I’m not too crazy about.

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Oh no… desktop icons :sleeping: look like a windows replacement. think i pass but :pray:t2: for the share

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My installation of UKUI was done from (base installation) of EndeavourOS.
It’s really very simple to install with pacman.

sudo pacman -S ukui

In fact you can install and try it out from your existing EndeavourOS environment and switch in window display manager. In my case I’m using lightdm.
All I can say is I personally like this “new” UKUI environment. I realize it might not be everyones cup of tea …
I always install a Dock in all my desktop environment such as Plank or Docky anyways.

Linux is about unlimited choice


Plasma is about unlimited choices too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will try UKUI when I am finished configuring Plasma :wink: