UK Emergency alert

There was a nationwide alert on all smartphones in the UK today at 3pm. I didn’t get it, that’s me not surviving the next extinction level event then :rofl:

TBH I had forgotten about it, it was only when it went off at the Snooker (I was watching on TV!) that I checked my phone hadn’t run out of battery (it hadn’t).


Don’t worry, there were so many doomsdays in last 20-30 years it is surprising anyone is still alive today. :t_rex: :wink:


It appears to be a problem with my provider Three.

Keep poking the bear long enough anything can happen.

Saw a lot of cracks on YouTube comments about how that alert was really for how thoroughly Spurs were getting stomped into snot by Newcastle.


There also should be a setting somewhere in your phone to enable/disable it. Maybe it’s disabled.

Nope, seems to be a problem with Three.