Ugly background image in Grub

Question: how can I get rid of this ugly background image in the off-line version (Xfce) of the Grub menu (preferably black only) and how can I increase the resolution?

Best place to look at: here

Thanks @marteng69

If you want to switch to the included Starfield theme, go to /etc/default/grub and find the line that says:


And change it to


If you want to customize further I’d suggest looking at the wiki linked by @marteng69

Noch etwas: ich will update-grub installieren. Bekomme folgende anzeige:

[uwe@HAL ~]$ yay update-grub
1 aur/update-grub 0.0.1-7 (+76 1.58) 
    Simple wrapper around grub-mkconfig
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)
==> ``

Einfach “1” drücken und die Installation startet.

Just press “1” and installation will start.

Thanks, I forgotten the translation :wink: Danke :wink:

Deepl is your friend…
(Deepl ist dein Freund…)


I know, I just forgot in a hurry.

We all do it. My problem comes when I can’t translate English into English :grin:

(see - Arch wiki)


My English is sufficient to read, but not to write anything. But it is enough to cross-read the translated text.

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It’s what EndeavourOS is about at its core. It’s what I fell in love with. A global collection of arch users that won’t tell you to RTFM. We all figure it out one way or another translation wise. Build the community and it will pay you back in spades :enos:


Just by the way: I don’t write in the German subforum because there is simply too little attention. Far fewer people read there. At least I had to put that in other forums (M…-forum cough).

Unfortunately the quality of the translation is not that good yet, because German texts, which I had translated into English with DeepL, are much more concise there. Often the meaning is very limited.

But perhaps this is only due to the difference between the individual languages …

sorry for offtopic

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Ich tue mein Bestes

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You did not try, did you? :wink:
IIRC there are a lot of german speaking people in the forum by now.

@anon14644943 It’s true that the German speaking members are in the majority over here, followed by Americans and Spanish speaking members. (Canadians are increasing lately.)

And some Canadians try (but rarely succeed) to handle German and French reported problems :grin:

Ich habe in der Schule Deutsch gelernt, aber das ist 50 Jahre her.


Hat sich aber gelohnt, Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut!

Nicht so sehr - Deepl ist wieder mein Freund.


I can puzzle out some of it, but long words defeat me. I wish I had kept up, continued, stayed with it - but the same happened as with my French - faded.

It is worse when talking with someone, because I SOUND like I know what I’m saying!

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Aber mensch, Deutsch ist nicht ein schweres sprach. :wink:

Manchmal antwortet ich in English, aber ich hoffe das es ok ist.

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