UEFI Boot Menu Distro Names


I have 2 separate installs of EOS on 2 separate drives in the same computer. Both are Cassini(?) with systemd boot, dracut, etc.

I knew how to change the names of the efi files so that I could have distinct entries in the UEFI boot menu when /boot had grub, etc. But I’m not certain how to do that for this new setup as things in /boot are different.

Could someone advise me on how to proceed as I cannot find this information? I keep forgetting which “LINUX …” is which!


If I remember correctly, you could do this in the conf files in /efi/loader/entries.


Look in the following Arch Wiki article in section 2.2 adding loader:



I’m glad you pointed me at that wiki article. It didn’t have the correct answer, but it made me look in this wiki article:


And that’s when I remembered using the:


That will do the trick. Thanks for help!

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