UBlock suddenly causing problems on many websites

(Using Vivaldi)
Includes this forum. Unless I disable UBlock, any post I click refuses to load. Other sites are experiencing partial failures as well. Since I’ve been using UBlock with Vivaldi for many months without issue, I was wondering if this was happening to anyone else.

Not me. Which filter lists do you have loaded?

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Just the default ones. I haven’t made any changes since the initial install.

It happens for me on a domain registrar, after login, the site doesn’t render until I disable uBlock, but everything else keeps working without issues.

I’m going to purge everything and reload the extension; maybe something got corrupted.

Resetting everything seems to have worked, just wish I knew what the actual cause was.

First clear the filter cache and reload all filter lists:


The full reset did that for me; thanks for that.

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But would not have been necessary …

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I use ublock origin but only with defaults as installed and no issues.

I think I had only the defaults, but I did play around with font blocking a while ago.

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