Two versions of Optimus-Manager (one good, one broken) loading in the Plasma Taskbar


I’m having a strange problem whereby two “optimus-manager” applets (one which seems to be working fine with optimus-manager, and the other which has a broken icon and looks for a non-installed envycontrol) are starting in my taskbar with my Endeavour OS install.


How can I identify the application associated with the broken version, and remove / prevent it from loading?


Also, here is the error message at Login:

EnvyControl is a command line tool that provides an easy way to switch between GPU modes on Nvidia Optimus systems (i.e laptops with hybrid Intel + Nvidia or AMD + Nvidia graphics configurations). You can install it from the AUR.

Optimus GPU Switcher (the applet shown in the second screenshot), on the other hand, is a frontend for EnvyControl (provided by KDE in the form of an applet) that allows you to use EnvyControl via a GUI. This applet appears “broken” because it’s missing a dependency - you don’t have EnvyControl (the backend) installed on your system. I don’t use KDE, so I can’t be 100% sure. But it is likely that this applet came with a package called optimus-manager-qt-kde from the AUR.

There are no “two versions optimus-manager applets” here. These are two different applets. One is an applet for optimus-manager itself. The other one is an applet for EnvyControl.

Envycontrol in the AUR:

have a look if it is installed accidently…

yay -Qs envycontrol

I think he doesn’t have envycontrol installed.

But he does have optimus-manager-qt-kde installed, which provides this applet:

But that applet needs envycontrol to run, which isn’t installed on his system. Hence the problem.

Then again, I’m just an i3 user.


@joekamprad @anthony93 Thank you both!!!

On exploring the battery drain problem I was having using the solutions you provided with envycontrol, it indirectly led me to revert from the nvidia535 to nvidia 525 drivers, and that fixed my battery issues (which I was mulling selling this laptop over) - turns out that nvidia doesn’t properly shut down the dGPU even on integrated or hybrid mode, and my battery drain was like 20 watts at idle, now it’s down to 6-7. So for anyone reading this, if you have a laptop with a 30xx nvidia card and high battery usage (even though powertop incorrectly reports it as either bluetooth, iwlwifi or webcam power drain), try to revert back to the nvidia525 drivers as the nvidia535 break power management.

I did end up sticking with optimus-manager and removing envycontrol, leaving optimus on “integrated”, and just using prime-run or setting prime-render-offload in any apps I needed the dgpu for.

Thanks again!

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yea this is the missing part… logical also… so … “accidently missing” sry

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