Two segments on us on youtube

This week destination Linux did a very nice segment on us:

and from our very own @UncleMez


Thank You @Bryanpwo !
TBH i was really afraid to put that video online, there are so much and so good productions on YouTube that talk about Linux … but because Y’all gave me confidence and strengh, i just pushed it online.

Big Thank to You, it’s more your victory then mine !


Wow, I’m impressed, especially with the intro and outro stuff, looks professional. Very good video :slight_smile: Audio quality is something to work on a bit. Congrats, and keep it on @UncleMez !


Thank You my friend !
i recorded my voice with very basic earphones sited in front of my laptop
next content should be much better.

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It certainly looks great for your first video, on Twitter you’ve received a like from Jill Bryant Ryniker and she’s a veteran Linux podcaster and vlogger! So nothing to be embarassed about.

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You mostly the person who encouraged me to ship it !
remember ?

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You’re among those :slightly_smiling_face:
Really nice vid :+1: