Two line prompt like Kali does?

In my case, I use FISH :

┬─[deweshk@HomeDesktop:~]─[11:50:53 AM IST]
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another good option, Ive just always used bash and its what im use to but the 2 line prompt like that is a nice touch. Spent a while hunting down the right ascii characters to mimic it in bash.

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In Fish, as you might know, we can configure it even more via fish_config. It enables to customize the looks without using any addons like Oh my Fish.

Edit :

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I can accomplish the same in zsh using starship and just editing the zshrc file. I would suggest you from using as traction layers such as oh my fish

I am yet to learn this skill. I am learning this just by observing the other users here, hence it will take a while before I can easily edit them.

Just copy paste stuff from other users. I didn’t write anything from scratch. I only modify stuff that I want changed. My zsh config is copied from garuda linux.

Copy paste is an easy skill :rofl:


I thought you scripted from scratch…

It shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to become a master of custom Bash prompts.

There are a million guides for it online, this is the first one that I found:

It’s even posted on a website with a phoenix in name! :rofl:


So following the similar lines, I was not able to look out for ~/.fishrc. Where I am going wrong ?

You’re using Fish.


I opened out fish.config to look out for editing, but :

it is empty. Am I supposed to enter my custom lines there ?

My suggestion is to use a proper shell, like Bash or Zsh. Fish is not POSIX compliant.

If you insist on using Fish, then look up how to customise Fish prompt. Every shell is different.

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Okay then. I will switch to Zsh, and see whether I am able to cope with its level or not.

For Zsh:

Sir, here is some primary modification for Zsh :


If you want to stay with Fish, run fish_config from the terminal. It will open a browser-based configuration page that will let you customize Fish and see you current functions, variables, prompt, and color scheme. Once it’s done, you can then edit the files it creates to further tweak your setup.

On my system, the file you’ll want to edit is $HOME/.config/fish/functions/

It’s all kitsch, in my opinion. I like to keep it simple:


I followed that.

But @Kresimir told me that I should use standard shells as FISH is not POSIX compliant.

It’s not; guess it depends on what you need from your shell. I don’t write Fish scripts, just a few functions to help me out. I use Python for anything more complicated.

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Sir, I had enabled auto-completion :

    # other plugins...


If I want to add another plugin( for syntax highlighting ), then what should be the proper punctuation to add that ?