Two keyboard and two mouse active at same time

Hi I have been playing around xinput. I was following this thread

Would anyone have solution? I want to have two sets of keyboard and mouse combo. Both active at same point to the same arch linux. All 4 wired, no bluetooth for now. If I switch keyboard physically it will not look like I have switched between two apps, can type both apps simultaneously or atleast one active but other still hold window.

Connect them all to a USB hub?

edit: there was a solution in the link?

I am using a USB hub already due to lack of USB port. All 4 work at same time work no problem.

My intention: I although want two current window like app a and app b open and working at same time. App a (like doc) I am typing doc and simultaneously App b(like gmail) I am typing email.

@manuel I have not tried solution yet. Just to see, if intention I am wanting to do is possible with solution in reddit link. Or if community has novel way. I already messed my arch installing unwanted apps and those dependency. Trying to optimize.

I’ve not tried such an arrangement so I can’t really help.
Hopefully someone who has done that can chime in.

Got it

Thank you I will check xdotool
The above reddit post has multipointerX
I wonder if the solution provided works

Look into the top comment, the guy explains it step by step and says it works. I see there is even a Archwiki page: Now that’s interesting! It’s probably the reason why the project was “forgotten”, because it became part of Xorg itself. I deleted my above comment, because it included too much brabbling around without actually helping you and just wasting time.

I’m intrigued to try this out, but not now. I wonder how games (modern games and emulator of old consoles) would respond to this.

I don’t get why you want to do that, I use barrier for more than 1 PC screen and I copy past the file over if my auto sync not handle it.

…At least, you want to Multi-bot.