Two EOS sharing the same EFI?

Hi, I have a laptop with dual-boot EOS (with systemd-boot) + Windows, and I’d like to install a second EOS on the same disk. The reason is, official Nvidia drivers cause all sort of issues on my laptop, so I’m just using nouveau which works fine; however, some applications requires official drivers (eg. for CUDA).

I don’t want to lose my existing partitions, and I’ve tried searching for an online tutorial but I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Could you tell me how should I proceed?

What I’ve tried: installing a second EOS without systemd-boot, and mounting the existing EFI as /efi in the installer. But this new partition doesn’t show up in my boot loader.

If you use systemd-boot in your second install it should do what you want by default.

If you use grub in your second install, you need to mount the ESP on /boot/efi.

However, using two different bootloaders will make it a bit more work to switch between the installs. It is better to use the same bootloader for both unless you need a different bootloader in the second install.

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Thanks for your reply,

That’s why I installed EOS #2 without bootloader. Being the noob that I am, I was hoping the existing systemd-boot in EOS #1 would have shown the new partition automatically at boot. How can I do that?

Choose systemd-boot. Then it should “just work”.

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Thank you, it “just worked” :smile:


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