Two config codes for Qtile

why is my qtile config code different than normal qtile config code

from modules.keys import keys, mod
from modules.groups import groups
from modules.layouts import layouts, floating_layout
from modules.mouse import mouse
from modules.hooks import *
import os
from modules.screens import screens
dgroups_key_binder = None
dgroups_app_rules = [] # type: List
main = None # WARNING: this is deprecated and will be removed soon
follow_mouse_focus = True
bring_front_click = False
cursor_warp = False
auto_fullscreen = True
focus_on_window_activation = “smart”
wmname = “Qtile”
widget_defaults = dict(
font=‘Sans Serif’,

and it looks good too , i dont what to do , should i use thi one or the standard one , this one looks good and that one is more understande-able