TV not recognising USB port

Hey, I’ve laptop and i connected my TV as a monitor 23inch. And my tv has USB port and HDMI and many ports. But when i connect something form TV’s usb port that not works but HDMi connected. I’ve tried with mouse and pendrive not worked. Am I missing something? Right now i am using Arch Linux with bspwm.

I think you should read the TV manual. Most TV USB ports look for a video or image file to open on a USB flash drive and don’t recognize the signal coming from a laptop or mouse.
HDMI recognizes the laptop signal and mirrors the info on the TV screen.

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Hey, Are you sure that an USB plugged into the TV should be seen from your laptop?
Does HDMI connection work? That TV is not a USB hub or is it?

@BlackHole TV usb ports are not meant for external devices such as keyboards mice etc. The usb port is for a thumbdrive with media on it (video)

HDMI connection works completely fine as expected. And my dad bought it in the late 2015-16 i guess, I am planing to make it USB hub XD. Because i want to use pendrive form my TV and others ports form my laptop that will use in the keyboard mouse and other drivers etc.

That means I can only play video form my pendrive right?! Form TV’s interface right? I mean without HDMi?

Your TV manual should give you info which AV formats are playable from a USB flashdrive.

If I have understood correct - you are trying to connect your computer to your TV’s USB port.

That will not work - not now - not ever.

If you want your TV as an extended monitor for your computer - use HDMI to connect your computer to the TV.

Your TV’s USB port can be used to play media stored on an USB stick. Depending on the age of your TV you may be limited to AVI and mp2/mp3. They can not be used for anything else.

You cannot share you computers USB port with your TV nor can you share your TV’s USB ports with your computer.

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video pictures and music. read @Root response

Yes I did understand. Is that only for linux or it will never work for windows as well? I thought that it needs package to use TV’s, anyways thanks.

Edit - ( few minutes ago I’ve tried to play movies form TV’s usb in TV and it’s works fine. But i will use HDMI to play. )

That will never work - with any system - it’s per design.

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Okay, i am going to mark your reply as solved to close this thread/issue. And thanks for your information.

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