Turn your RPi 4b into a lap top

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday Edgar.



It is really interesting!
I can dream of:

  • this CrowPi (or even RP) only.
  • install EOS 64 bit (BTRFS)
  • external USB drive(s)
  • Something like Resilio Sync, SyncThing, or alternative (no body attacks me for mentioning Resilio)

And I end up with my own personal unlimited “cloud storage”


Sell it with EOS as a new Netherlands Windoze (as I have seen some time ago laptops selling with Suse/OpenSuse preinstalled and sold as a new German windoze! And people were happy with it because it is windoze! :rofl:)

You can do that now with just a 52pi NAS case, Docker and Nextcloud (yeah, it is kinda overkill for just a pseudo dropbox implementation).

I did it actually but with Resilio on this laptop (just for fun and curiosity)
It just gives me a good feeling I can store my files on my own “cloud”… limitless and access them remotely.

Many thanks for the link… looking at it now.

What I’d really like is a 15-inch RPi4 tablet…

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That would be hard on the arms. I have a 10" tablet and after an hour I have to rest it on the desk/lap.

What I’d like is more KDE. :rofl:

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You can never have too much KDE :rofl:

Sure… KDE is the best in my humble opinion.

We always get lots of KDE updates. That’s why i like it too!

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I just had a look on how to install EOS on Raspberry Pi

I am bout to get myself one to:

  • install KDE, BTRFS
  • format some of my USB disks BTRFS and connect them (Raid/ Pooling/Both? still a lot for me to learn… I am 3 months old on EndeavourOS/Arch and only 6 days old on BTRFS)
  • have my own personal cloud storage

That method is outdated

Try instructions here:


Thank you very much.
Hopefully I can make it and have my own cloud storage. But I still need to read and study a lot.

Just to be sure… the download is the same one I downloaded a few days ago for my laptop? Not a Raspberry Pi ARM processor specific? I still have the bootable USB flashdisk!

Yes, the EndeavourOS (x86_64) live environment presents you the option to do an ARM install onto an SD card or SSD.


Thanks a lot.

Not trying to dissuade you from RPI/Endeavour, but if you are looking for a better suited ARM based SBC look into the RockPro64 as it has a pcie slot that you can purchase a SATA board with multiple SATA ports and a case designed for what you are planning to do. Also, I would suggest using ARMBIAN with the Bullseye build for it. I would love for Endeavour to support as many SBCs as ARMBIAN or Manjaro support, but we are not there as we do not have as many developers with available time.

Why Armbian :innocent:
https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/ROCKPro64_Installing_Arch_Linux_ARM “.

I no have the board, so can no test .

It is just an idea… to have my own cloud!
I would need as well to “study” the RAID things… so I won’t lose data in case of a disk failure.
And thank you for the links. I will check all options.
Maybe an old laptop would do.

I have previously reviewed Pine. It runs on Manjaro I believe.
Reviews (for the phone) was not OK… so… I will check other products anyway.

Thank you very much.