Try to fix hyper-v enhanced mode for EOS, who want to help?

Hi all,
basically I was using Arch in an Hyper-V enhanced session machine back in August (or something like that) and was working pretty well. Now I would like to set up the same in EOS but the arch setup provided from Microsoft is broken (for arch too).
I think is “just” a problem releated to updated package in the arch baseline but I don’t know if I’m able to fix it on my own.
I already setup the VM with EOS and without the enhanced mode enabled works well. Now I’ve forked the github Microsoft repo and I’ll try to fix it. I’ve already switched the xrdp to xrdp-git so that doesn’t create issue with xorgxrdp-devel-git.

The current status is that xrdp starts but when login the VM crashes.

Here the link to the forked repo: linux-vm-tools

Thanks to everyone that will help in fixing this.

  • PN