Troubleshooting Advice for Deepin Greeter


This forum has never failed me. I’ve always been able to solve problems with input from our forum community members.

Okay now onto the problem.
I have testing & community-testing repos enable in pacman.conf. Also I development packages enabled in pamac-aur.
This problem only occurs on (restart or startup) to the login greeter display @user password prompt.
The display window is all black and I have to input my username password >> After that the default-chosen wallpaper displays.
Then I login again with password to enter the normal deepin session.

This display-session all black window started after a system update.
So my question for community is what package to downgrade in order to troubleshoot.
Should I downgrade >> deepin-session-shell
Should I downgrade >> deepin-session-ui
Should I downgrade >> lightdm


Try setting auto login, it will bypass the buggy greeter :wink:

@antechdesigns antechdesigns

Isn’t that like bypassing Microsoft Windows and injecting ourselves into LINUX :rofl:

Not really the solution I was looking for but it works (smiles)

In my case a Downgrade might just be an Upgrade … LOL


Its the only work around concerning deepin it breaks every other update, that’s why I know how to fix it, It been like that for ages.

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