Troubles installing on Pinebook Pro

I have had my Pinebook Pro for a couple years now. It has not held up all that well, but it is still operational.

I followed the instructions for installing Arch with /boot on emmc and / on nvme. As near as I can tell that was successful and the Pinebook Pro boots and I can login with root-root. From there I get nowhere.

I am using the Pinebook Pro dock with an external monitor and ethernet networking. When I attempt to follow on with the instructions I get errors and I do not know how to solve them.

When I try wifi-menu I get:
cannot initialize curses
‘linux’: unknown terminal type

When I start to do the pacman setup I get:
/usr/bin/pacman-key: line 620: parseopts: command not found

I have been unable to proceed with any update or install of Endeavor. I would appreciate any pointers as to what might be missing or need some tweaking to get working so that I can proceed.


Welcome back to Endeavouros . where you get info for Arch install? for Endeavouros on PBP 1st need install base from here .

then you go here

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Thank you, I was not expecting such a prompt response.

Those are the directions I followed. I created the SD card using Fedora, and installed /boot on the emmc and “/” on the NVME. After installing from the SD card, the Pinebook Pro boots up fine with the SD card removed and I get to the login on the console. I can login fine using root and root.

It is from that point on that I get the errors that I mentioned in my first post that I need help with.

Thanks again

i have problem on pbp if use emmc for boot all other on nvme . so i no do.

you have network?

you did " Initialize the pacman keyring and populate the Arch Linux ARM and Pinebook Pro package signing keys: "

that all can think atm .

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The first part of the instructions on installing Arch work fine. The PBP then starts up fine and I can log in. I do have network connectivity and the ping works fine. When I enter “nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist” I get the following message “Error opening terminal: linux.”

I do not know enough to know what is either missing or mis-configured to get past this point and continuing with the Endeavour install.

Thank you for your prompt responses and have a really nice day.

After checking for connectivity, these are the required next steps

# pacman-key --init
# pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm
# pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm-pbp
# pacman -Syy

This creates and installs the GPG signature Keys for pacman, plus syncs the repositories.

I am not sure if nano is installed on the image you burned to the uSD card or emmc card.

# pacman -Q nano

If the command does not list nano in the output, then install nano

# pacman -S nano

Then see about editing the mirrorlist.


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Thank you for responding. Running “pacman-key --init” results in the following error.

“/usr/bin/pacman-key: line 620: parseopts: command not found”

I have very limited knowledge on a Pine Book Pro install.

From my perspective it looks like a lot of packages are missing, and I would start thinking about a re-install.



i do 3 new install on uSD only . log in root everything ok on all . yes i no do " staged boot using eMMC module " i have spare emmc but no have spare nvme"

like @Pudge say prob best move is re install . my guess is some thing go wrong on `

Transfer all data from the microSD card to the NVMe SSD and the eMMC module:


maybe before that .


I have problems understanding the second step: the link you mention talks about a shell script,, that you find after you boot. However, I don’t think that SvenKiljan/archlinuxarm-pbp/blob/main/ provides such a script.

So probably the “Step 2” relies on something different for Step 1?

We have beta pinebook pro images. Message me or @Pudge if you want to try them.

Actually, I’d like first to understand what Step 2 means before trying beta images…

Just git clone this repo and run the script

@Pudge we should probably add this somewhere in that Step 2 page.

When Step 2 was written, we really didn’t have an official PineBook Pro procedure in place. Then the forum and ARM web site was in limbo. So at this juncture the whole procedure needs to be re-written, probably to totally use the liveISO to install RPi 4b, Odroid N2, and PineBook Pro.

Thanks for your answers! I’ll try to clone the repo and start the script.

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Let us know how it turns out.


It works fine, with a glaring issue: WiFi doesn’t work after running second step. Not sure what the issue is, probably firmware issue, but I see linux-firmware and ap6256-firmware seem to be installed.

We have beta pinebook pro images. You can find them in

Instructions on how to install are given in the repo

It boots but is otherwise unresponsive.

what do you see on the screen?