Troubles installing on Pinebook Pro

I have had my Pinebook Pro for a couple years now. It has not held up all that well, but it is still operational.

I followed the instructions for installing Arch with /boot on emmc and / on nvme. As near as I can tell that was successful and the Pinebook Pro boots and I can login with root-root. From there I get nowhere.

I am using the Pinebook Pro dock with an external monitor and ethernet networking. When I attempt to follow on with the instructions I get errors and I do not know how to solve them.

When I try wifi-menu I get:
cannot initialize curses
‘linux’: unknown terminal type

When I start to do the pacman setup I get:
/usr/bin/pacman-key: line 620: parseopts: command not found

I have been unable to proceed with any update or install of Endeavor. I would appreciate any pointers as to what might be missing or need some tweaking to get working so that I can proceed.


Welcome back to Endeavouros . where you get info for Arch install? for Endeavouros on PBP 1st need install base from here .

then you go here

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Thank you, I was not expecting such a prompt response.

Those are the directions I followed. I created the SD card using Fedora, and installed /boot on the emmc and “/” on the NVME. After installing from the SD card, the Pinebook Pro boots up fine with the SD card removed and I get to the login on the console. I can login fine using root and root.

It is from that point on that I get the errors that I mentioned in my first post that I need help with.

Thanks again

i have problem on pbp if use emmc for boot all other on nvme . so i no do.

you have network?

you did " Initialize the pacman keyring and populate the Arch Linux ARM and Pinebook Pro package signing keys: "

that all can think atm .

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The first part of the instructions on installing Arch work fine. The PBP then starts up fine and I can log in. I do have network connectivity and the ping works fine. When I enter “nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist” I get the following message “Error opening terminal: linux.”

I do not know enough to know what is either missing or mis-configured to get past this point and continuing with the Endeavour install.

Thank you for your prompt responses and have a really nice day.

After checking for connectivity, these are the required next steps

# pacman-key --init
# pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm
# pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm-pbp
# pacman -Syy

This creates and installs the GPG signature Keys for pacman, plus syncs the repositories.

I am not sure if nano is installed on the image you burned to the uSD card or emmc card.

# pacman -Q nano

If the command does not list nano in the output, then install nano

# pacman -S nano

Then see about editing the mirrorlist.


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Thank you for responding. Running “pacman-key --init” results in the following error.

“/usr/bin/pacman-key: line 620: parseopts: command not found”

I have very limited knowledge on a Pine Book Pro install.

From my perspective it looks like a lot of packages are missing, and I would start thinking about a re-install.



i do 3 new install on uSD only . log in root everything ok on all . yes i no do " staged boot using eMMC module " i have spare emmc but no have spare nvme"

like @Pudge say prob best move is re install . my guess is some thing go wrong on `

Transfer all data from the microSD card to the NVMe SSD and the eMMC module:


maybe before that .