Trouble with VMWare Display Drivers

Hey everyone,

I’m brand new to Endeavour. I’ve been looking to try to migrate to Linux away from macOS for a few months now, trying out what I would need for my setup on various hardware and virtual machines with many different distros. I’ve had the most luck so far with Arch-based distributions because everything I need is either in the base repositories or in the AUR. I don’t need to go searching for third party repositories. I am currently using VMWare Fusion on macOS to run Endeavour in a virtual machine. Everything installed fine, but I’ve been having some issues with the VMWare display driver in Endeavour. I installed the open-vm-tools, xf86-input-vmmouse, and xf86-video-vmware packages. The mouse works just fine, and the video driver is loaded. The vm tools seem to work fine, too. I don’t have to capture the mouse and all when using it. However, the screen resolution doesn’t change and the available options in the Xfce Display settings are slim. I like to run the VM in a workspace full screen, and my display is 2560x1440. I only get the option for 2560x1600.

I have run various distros in a virtual machine, including Manjaro. Manjaro just installed the necessary drivers and vmtools in the installer, but Endeavour didn’t. All of them just change the resolution when I resize the window automatically. It doesn’t seem to work in Endeavour. Is there anything I’m missing? Thanks!


Maybe I can help xrandr


I didn’t even think of using xrandr. Duh. That’ll work as a workaround. Thanks!