Trouble with a printer (Samsung M2070)

I’m unable to make my printer work (Samsung M2070). I’ve followed the steps on the printer page including downloading the Samsung drivers (which made no real difference). The printer is discovered and listed as ‘ready’, but when attempting to print it hangs on ‘processing’. It is connected via WiFi, and I have had it working on a previous EndeavourOS installation, but I cannot remember what else I could’ve done to have it working. Other than what is proposed in the post above, what else could I attempt? As for troubleshooting, is it Cups or Ahavi which I should look into, and how would I retrieve logs for them?

Not sure if it works for your printer but AUR has some samsung driver packages like

Hope this helps.

Try samsung-printers in the AUR. It has the 2070 model in the description.

Thank you both. Sadly, neither AUR driver solved it. First one still stuck on processing, whilst the other two (it’s all the same printer) lag out as soon as you select them.

In case someone else stumbles onto this issue, here is what resolved it:

  1. Install Samsung-unified-driver from AUR and enable cups.service:
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service
  1. Find your printer on openprinting. For the Samsung M2070 I found the working driver on HP’s website.
  2. Extract the files and search for the .ppd file matching your printer (you do not need to run the included script).
  3. Open the settings menu and locate the printer section. Select the cogwheel and ‘printer details’. Press ‘Install PPD File’ and select the file from step 3. Close the menu.

If you have multiple printers listed (I had three with various variations of M2070 in their names) you may need to try them all, 2/3 were unresponsive for me even after adding the ppd file.


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