Trouble installing some packages with yay

Hello, I just installed EOS and I have come across this one error several times now when trying to install packages via yay (currently trying with x2goserver).

cc1plus: warning: '-Werror=' argument '-Werror=implicit' is not valid for C++

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me solve it or guide me in the right direction.

Hello @Jame ,
It’s only a warning (not fatal err. Somewhere I read it comes above gcc 9.x).
It may cause problems, but what if you ignore it? How to start? Is it x2goagent?
I installed in LMDE as well. Behaves similarly. Xserver should be stopped.
EDIT: Build of x2goclient throws the same warnings and starts safely at least.

Turns out it was easier than I expected! Thanks

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