Trisquel 10 aka Nabia Is Available…! What is it…?

Please note that the distro described below is not the lightweight Trisquel-mini LXDE distro that caused so much consternation amongst the EndeavourOS community for being just as described - lightweight. :roll_eyes:

This is the standard offering with the MATE desktop, the default. Based on the popular fork of GNOME 2.x, this edition provides a classic desktop environment matching the user experience of previous Trisquel releases. Trisquel GNU/Linux is a fully free operating system for home users, small enterprises and educational centers.

(For those KDE fans; there is a special Triskel KDE version – note spelling.)

Please note that there are no references to being “lightweight” even though at idle you can expect less than 350MiB RAM used – with many useful apps loaded - less resource use than EOS Xfce offline install with just LibreOffice and Welcome panel…!

It has been my everyday tool for a couple of years working faultlessly on my old HP G60 3MiB RAM Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz Hitachi 2.5 inch SATA hard disk drive. Now replaced with SSD which has speeded boot up and app launches considerably.

It has had a well deserved rest over past month awaiting v10 as I am using Endeavour Xfce on a better specified Dell Latitude i7 – though smaller screen and no number pad.

There is little point reviewing Trisquel MATE further here as DistroWatch has tested it and reviewed here….

… except to mention v10 coming soon (testing cdbuilds link below) and highlight the excellent Abrowser, 50 languages, and special edition of LibreOffice from the Document Foundation and Trisquel.

New development server at last thanks to FsF and donations of more shoe string…!

You do not have to buy into – excuse the pun – the FsF gnu-linux ethos of “free” software for ALL but I found the ethos well cool at the time being free of commercial crap and proprietary blobs.

Oh; did I mention that Trisquel Mate is so reliable to the point of being boring? Great if you need to get through some workflow…! RMS uses it on a …pad.

As a footnote please check your hardware at h-node webpage for compatibility with “free” software. You can ignore this but you may find that you need a compatible Wifi card or just plug in a USB Wifi adaptor from Thinkpenguin or elsewhere. I have not needed to change anything on four disparate computers!


Trisquel is a nice idea until you want to listen to music or watch video or play games. :grin:


Until one second after install, straight out of the box you can play audio watch videos and play the installed games. :smiley: Can EOS do this :frowning_face: :pleading_face:



I still fail to see how ram usage indicates anything and how being “lightweight” actually indicates what is good or not. Is it 350 mb of ram or 700 it doesn’t matter. What matters is functionality and this stripped down distros mostly lack in one area or another.

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As said before I am using a straight out of the box installation of enos. It has only LibreOffice, FFox and the Welcome panel - I even had to install GIMP - not that I am complaining; as installing only what you need is cool.
However Trisquel appeals to a different audience - who perhaps want to hit the ground running with even a video chat conferencing or even Bitcoin Wallet straight out of the box.

Could I suggest that you read Endeavour’s own front web page abought being lightweight. Check out the Xfce DE section…!
I did not propose or sign off on these claims. :face_with_monocle:

This whole topic is like comparing apples to oranges and then complaining that oranges don’t taste exactly like apples. :rofl:


If anyone is looking for an all-in Arch derivative then I can probably recommend Garuda here. It provides an opinionated set of defaults with all of the basic software pre-installed.

WHAT? I’ll have you know, pears exist! Pears!

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The purpose of the Topic under category of “Other Distro News” was to inform community members of the availability v10 testing iso’s and a little of what this distro is with reference to independent review by the well respected here – DistroWatch.

Neither DistroWatch nor myself have made any false bogus claims about anything. It’s efficiency can be verified by anyone or accept the confirmation of my figures by DistroWatch as can the software included straight out of the box. DistroWatch’s review of Trisquel MATE is most complementary and of course does not suggest that you can’t listen to music, play videos or whatever. Trust most members are okay with that…? :roll_eyes:

For those in our community who wish to avail themselves of independent review of Garuda please refer to this review link offered on DistroWatch and then compare with the review of Trisquel. Simple :relaxed:

A word of warning – prepare to be shocked by the efficiency figures…! :scream:

Yes Guys, apples, oranges, pear shaped or lemons – all Linux distros at end of the day! :smiley:

The last time I tried Trisquel I couldn’t play media files because it doesn’t support proprietary codecs and didn’t support Steam - if that has changed then I guess it might be a viable desktop OS for “normal” users.

I mean, I’m sure I could cherry-pick a review of Trisquel that uses a completely inappropriate installation method and set of tests to make it look bad, but then again I wasn’t trying to shit on another distro. :man_shrugging:


DistroWatch + respect go together ? no in my world :wink: ( that my opinion only )

Their written content actually tends to be pretty decent - reviews are normally well written and well thought out, taking an appropriately in-depth look at how things work rather than a surface-level “OMG SHINY” or “OMG SUCKS” that most YouTube reviews go for. :grin:

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like i say … my personal opinion .

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Looks like something back from the 90’s! No thanks!

Did I read at the Topic guidelines that this kind of comment was against the rules? :thinking:

Quote > Over here you can discuss news related to other distros, please be civil about it, we don’t tolerate Distro bashing, those posts will be removed.

What you are posting is distro bashing and then you are promoting something else. So please just stop referring to articles that bash Garuda and or EndeavourOS.

What you are posting is distro bashing! What i said is Trisquel looks like something out of the 90’s no thanks! You can stop now or I’ll close the topic.

At least this guy who wrote the article found the right conclusion:

I am not aware of this - please quote specifics - thanks.

Your post is your personal opinion blatently using your position to break rules. Please Stop.
My posts reference independent well respected sources - what can be wrong with that?
Are they not accurate? :thinking: Life moves on…