Tried changing font to Fira Code, but lost the icons :(

I quickly reverted back to the defaulted Iosevka but would really like Fira Code. Any pointers?

And what’s the shortcut/hotkey to reload polybar after I made edits?!

I did source & but that’s probably not the recommended method.

Simplest solution is to install lxappearance and set the font there. As for for polybar, to reload all your bars you can do polybar-msg cmd restart.

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└─> fc-list | grep Fira   
/usr/share/fonts/TTF/FiraCode-SemiBold.ttf: Fira Code,Fira Code SemiBold:style=SemiBold,Regular
/usr/share/fonts/TTF/FiraCode-Retina.ttf: Fira Code,Fira Code Retina:style=Retina,Regular
/usr/share/fonts/TTF/FiraCode-Bold.ttf: Fira Code:style=Bold
/usr/share/fonts/TTF/FiraCode-Light.ttf: Fira Code,Fira Code Light:style=Light,Regular
/usr/share/fonts/TTF/FiraCode-Medium.ttf: Fira Code,Fira Code Medium:style=Medium,Regular
/usr/share/fonts/TTF/FiraCode-Regular.ttf: Fira Code:style=Regular

:wink: Making progress.

I will document here to assist others on this wild ride :wink:

└─>polybar-msg cmd restart
polybar-msg: No active ipc channels

That’s nothing to be concerned about, is it?

lxappearance-gtk3 is already installed and Fira Code set, but it doesn’t effect polybar.


You need to specify the font in the polybar config like this:

font-0 = "Iosevka Nerd Font:size=10:weight=bold;3"
font-1 = "Iosevka Nerd Font:size=12;3"

Then, if you have multiple fonts, you also need to do it in the module like this:

format-prefix-font = 2

Note that for Polybar, the number is -1 so specifying font = 2 means it’s using the font listed as #1 in your configuration. If you want to use font #2 you need to set it to use font = 3.

hhmm, doesn’t seem to properly restart.

I changed this to test from false > true, but it did not reposition.

;Put the bar at the bottom of the screen                                                         
bottom = true

I found this on the Wiki pkill -USR1 polybar, and it worked, but not on all “workspaces”.

Works for me. I have it bound in sxhkd so I can do a quick reload whenever I alter something in the config. The alternative is running polybar -r bar, but you’d need to know the name of the bar you want to restart (replace bar with the actual name). This of course will not reload all your bars, but the one you specify.

You dont want fira code

You want fira code with nerd font patch

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Thank you so much for the direction. I had that on Pop OS and totally forgot about that :wink: