Tried another distro for a day

I need to apologize. I tried the distribution Kaos on my older work laptop. It uses the kde desktop environment en looked nice and clean. I tried it for a day and noticed that it wasn’t possible to install very much. Could not use the Etcher AppImage, could not install Timeshift. Could not even install neofetch. After that i quickly installed endeavor with KDE plasma and now it is possible to install whatever i need. It now looks as clean as Kaos. I now know to stick with endeavour.


How dare you :crazy_face:.


No need to apologize. I have tried Kaos also many times. :scream: It’s good in it’s own right but EndeavourOS is much easier to install what ever you want. You don’t need to use App images but you can if you want. Etcher-bin can be installed from the AUR. That is what i use and i swear by it.

Or try chakra :upside_down_face: if you search fir a clean qt5 distro kaos is the thing lol

Yeah i think i have lost my mind. But i came to my senses. :innocent:

It’s easy to get lost in the Linux landscape! Know this if you Endeavour you will always find you’re way home! :laughing:


I believe it is better to make informed decisions.
That also means no need to apologize about getting informed. :smile:

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I have tried a lot of distributions but i think i will stick with endeavour with kde plasma.


Good Choice! :relaxed:

Personal , i desktop hop here and there… dislike distrohop, to tyresome :rofl:

It"s a lot of fun to try out different distros and it’s a good way to learn to use linux i think. The forum of Kaos is not as good as the endeavor forum. I’m still waiting om some answers on that forum.

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Distros can be different, from full kde to a bare openbox/i3wm you learn something :rofl::rofl: just joking, lot distros are basicly the same xcept packagemanagers or some init system

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kaos has highly curated qt-based repos. There is more stuff available in the kcp but much of it is poorly maintained.

The repos that i tried were missing a lot of dependencies. It was’t the distro for me.

right, it’s just two of the most important things in an OS :slight_smile:

Linux is about experimentation. Nothing wrong with that. Glad to have you back in the fold, though :smile: If it makes you feel any better, I went from EndeavourOS, to Manjaro, to Windows 10, and now I am back home. Only by venturing out can you truly appreciate home.


I went from Windows to Manjaro to Antergos and then to EndeavourOS. Plus i have tried almost everything else in between. :tired_face:

I went from LibraNet to Mandrake to Red Hat to Debian to Arch to Mandriva to Mepis to Fedora to Ubuntu to Debian to Gentoo to Debian to Anarchy to KDE Neon to Fedora to Debian to…

Of the popular OS’s based in some way on Arch, I’d never brought myself to like Manjaro (I actually have less stability every time I try it than Arch proper) or Antergos (tooooooooo restrictive in it’s installation options).

Right at this time, I have Anarchy, Endeavour, Debian, Q4OS and Fedora running on actual hardware. Then VM of Void. I miss LibraNet…

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I’m heartbroken and gutted by all of you… Now I understand how Ceasar felt in the last moments of his life. :astonished: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob: :broken_heart:

No, to be fair, I also run Ubuntu (server) Opensuse and Fedora on the side.