Tray update icon from pamac does not show availability status

I recently noticed the tray update icon doesn’t display when there an update anymore, is it a big deal no not really. But it is a nice reminder :grinning:


Did you try the solution from the link you posted?

Installing pamac-cli


Not yet, he also says to install along w/ the pamac-all package :thinking:

You probably don’t need to install pamac-all. I think adding pamac-cli is the important part.

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Ok, will give it a try. Thanks!

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I have libpamac-git installed, do i also need to install libpamac ?

I’m getting these errors if i try to install via pamac

could not satisfy dependencies:
- unable to satisfy dependency 'archlinux-appstream-data-pamac' required by libpamac
- unable to satisfy dependency 'libpamac' required by pamac-cli

I get this error via console

[christopher67@EndeavourOS ~]$ yay -S libpamac
 -> No AUR package found for archlinux-appstream-data-pamac
 -> could not find all required packages: archlinux-appstream-data-pamac 


@FredBezies - just a heads up, yet another one here.

Did i miss something?

It would appear that the package is no longer in the AUR.

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Once again, you can see it is not updated PKGBUILD problem. Pamac authors are not responsible for AUR package not updated to get build.

But if you think that a not working PKGBUILD is a bug with pamac itself, I have nothing to add.

End of topic for me. I don’t have time to spent in endless and useless talks.

And this package is orphan. No maintainers doing the job… Well, I know what I have to do.

  1. adopt the package
  2. upgrade it
  3. orphan it once again.

Edit: done. This package can be built once again without any problems, as far as I know.

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Just letting you know as you said you couldn’t find issues. Even if it’s not your responsibility it’s a never ending cascade of help threads for it in all forms. It is an issue even if not yours directly.

There is ALWAYS someone asking for help or having a problem it seems.

I never said I could not find issues. I was just asking for some examples. Using google is not a right answer because you can find everything and its opposite.

I know you hate with passion Pamac. Just don’t use it, don’t hurt yourself :smiley:

Once again, end of topic for me. I don’t want to pollute this thread with an endless talk.

Have a good day.

Please focus the topic on the OP’s issue going forward. We don’t need editorial conversation about the state of pamac.

Sorry i was not aware, been busy for the last couple of weeks and didn’t see this posted anywhere when doing a search.

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