Transparent chat window for single monitor live streaming (Gnome)

Hey guys, so i figured id share my method for making it so you can see your live stream chat while in game while live streaming on linux. Im pretty sure this will work on twitch but may only work on YouTube which is what i have tried while figuring this out.

I use Gnome desktop, many may not and the exact method will change dependent on your DE. I also use X11 as streaming with Wayland is iffy at the moment afaik.

Gnome users install Transparent window extension

This will allow you to adjust the transparency of windows so that you can keep the window on top and still see. On youtube you will make the chat window a pop out window by clicking the 3 dot menu at the top of the chat and selecting popout chat.

Right click the title bar of the popout chat and select “Always on Top”, this will keep the window always above your game. Position the window where you want on the screen and using the transparent extension you press “alt+mouse scroll down” to reduce the window opacity, scroll up to return it to max opacity.

Thats it, once you do this you will have a transparent chat window over your game and if using window capture it shouldnt appear in your stream and will allow you to see chat with a single monitor.


Thank you for posting this!

my pleasure, it was a chore to figure out a way to do it as all the normal tools for this are windows only.

Thankfully linux has other ways of doing things so i looked for an extension for gnome that might work so i could see chat without having to use my phone lol

the other benefit to linux is that even fullscreen games are technically a window just borderless.

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