Transparency used to work

Hi I am relatively new to arch and have used deb on and off for a few years
I used to have the transparency for windows working and than one day it stopped working. I don’t think I did anything that would have done this but updated my machine. From my understanding to my theme should support it as it is KDE-story
I would prefer to keep the current theme I have.
I am not sure why it was working and is now not working and most help online I found points me to install a new theme, I feel like I am missing something obvious. Thank you for your help!

Make sure the compositor is running.

How long ago did it stop working? Sometimes updates to Plasma cause problems for third party themes. If it is this KDE-Story theme you could open an issue with the developer.

how do I figure out which compositor I am running is that something a desktop environment has, os dependent, or is that just something that is separate from those I never remember installing a compositor so I don’t know the name of the one I’m running and probably don’t want to run one on top of another

I saw a couple of references to KDE in this Topic.
If you are using KDE then click on settings, then click as shown below:


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thank you it was the compositor!


Glad you got it solved :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to EndeavourOS :enos_flag:

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