The best torrent software, used it since my Mac days when it first came out.

It has been working great on Linux too, but at some point the settings started to reset on reboot. All of the guides say “quit the daemon before editing settings”. But I’m not using the daemon because I use the GUI version.

Does anybody else have this issue? How did you fix it? Using the daemon is not an option for me, I need a GUI.

Check the permissions on the config file

They should be correct as far as I’m aware. User: my user Group: my user group.

Please check which user runs instance(s) of transmission - some forum posts and wiki docs point to another instance running with a transmission user.

ps -eF | grep -i trans

It’s running under my user, no problem there.

I set the settings.json file as executable and so far it has been working normally. The settings reset again if I edit the file and don’t check the executable box after doing the edits. I guess that’s the “fix” for the problem.