Translucency bug on Plasma

Hello there!

For two days, under Xorg, there is a bug that removes all translucency (except from Konsole and titlebars) from Plasma.
There is no translucency for the plasma panel, neither, nor for latte-dock (which also has a strange behavior, but it’s not related to that, I’ll do another topic if anything), nor for their popups, nor for kvantum themes.

I’d suggest you create a new TEST user to confirm this bug… I haven’t seen it.

Maybe if that isn’t buggy, you’ll need to make sure you’ve backed up your config folders and rename them to find out which one clears it.

I’m a huge plasma fan, but it is easy to break if you play with it.


Are you sure that it’s not just that the compositor is disabled? Have you tried re-enabling it?


Compositing would also remove transparency from Konsole, no?

My compositor supposedly works fine but Plasma now is left looking quite flat like xfce which is no bad thing but xfce is not known for it’s “graphics bling”. I use both so I do understand. KDE wake up and listen, there are issues between the desktop and individual apps here: it’s not consistent.


And this issue does/doesn’t exist with a new user?
Maybe time to start renaming some .config stuff.

Sometimes just having Dolphin open with your /timeshift folder in one side and /home in the other - then just delete any suspicious folders. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but KDE threw one or two weird issues in the past.

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@jonathon : no, it’s not disabled … and it doesn’t work on Konsole either.

@Ben : I followed the advice: the TEST user is perfectly fine.

The problem exists only under the main user.

How can I restore the Plasma configuration to the default setting?

As I suspected.
I always have trouble with this…
The BRUTE way to do this is to make sure you have your quick exit plasma shortcut handy, then simply start renaming suspicious configs.

e.g. rename .kde4 > kde4 (delete the dot - make it visible) and log out/in to create a fresh one.

There’s stuff in the .config folder worth looking at too - it’s been a while so I can’t remember which one… but it’s the hidden folders which hold the secret.

Cleaning the cache might suffice: