Translators wanted

If you take a look at the forum, we have a section called EndeavourOS united, with different language sections.
If you want to contribute by translating our latest news and articles in the section of your language, please let me know.
At the moment we already have members working on the Spanish, Catalan and Galician translation.

Hi there Bryan, as promised I can take the Romanian section, if that’s ok.
Also can contribute to Spanish section.

Hi @Anticupidon,
Nice to see you here, I just made a Romanian section, so you’re welcome. For the Spanish section you have to talk with @Jinkros, because he already made the first translation and with @kaliu, who’s going to write the Catalan version. I don’t mind having a few translators in one section, just in case, the one is indisposed.
You can start with translating the latest post Nine days to launch, @Jinkros and @VlPo already made a translation on that post, so the language sections are equal. I will give you a heads up in the future when I release another post.

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Thank you @kaliu for your work on the Catalan translation.

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Having our announcements translated really is paying off thanks to @VlPo and @folgui @Anticupidon @kaliu @Jinkros efforts, it attracted new visitors from South America, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia.
Are you interested in helping us spread the word in your own language, please let us know?
I especially address the community members who are speaking Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Bahasa Indonesia and German.
I know we have a native speaking German team member and I know that @joekamprad is not doing a lot within the team :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::lying_face:… To be clear, he’s doing an awful lot, I’d like to unburden his workload.


Well, I could contribute in the Spanish front, but there appears to be a healthy number of users in queue.

So … Sure? :upside_down_face:

We have a lot of Spanish translators, but thank you for the offer, unles you also can translate in Portuguese?

I could help with the german translation if no one else does. :slightly_smiling_face: A challenge for my english skills and my time management but it would be a pleasure.


Oh, yes please, this would unburden @joekamprad a lot.

No Portuguese. :sob:


@Bryanpwo I am so bummed lol. If there’s ever a need for more, or an unprecedented unavailability of translators, let me know.

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I will inform you, I know that @jinkros and @kaliu are busy quite often, so maybe if they answer this post in how they see the task, you can step in.

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Sure why not - I’ll translate to binary :smile:

jk ofc - but I can always do norwegian


I love your humor, but on the Norwegian translation, you’re free to do it, but is it necessary?

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No I doubt it - actually I just skimmed to the posts and thought it was about the installer.
But as you said - I highly doubt it’s necessary. First off most people - if not all - speaks english and secondly we’re not many people up here in the north - even fewer that use Arch and even fewer again that will use Endeavour

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On the English skills, that was my thought also, that’s why I didn’t create a Scandinavian or Dutch section in the forum.

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There only 10 kinds of people.
Those who understands binary and those who don’t.


exactly :slight_smile:


So the only translation that is still missing is: English - Foreign? :joy:

Oh yes, we need a Vulcan translation, too.


I’m also considering Klingon, actually…


Bryan, I’m back. Will start tomorrow.