Translate plasma/qt theme to a gtk theme

hey! i’m currently on plasma but will be switching to i3.

on plasma i have my own theme (in ~/.local/share/color-schemes/mytheme.colors) and this color scheme applies to qt and gtk windows. i believe on i3 i can use qt5ct to apply this scheme to qt windows but gtk will remain unthemed since unlike kde, there’s nothing that would translate the qt theme to gtk in i3.

so i’m wondering - is there a tool i can use to automatically make my qt color scheme to a gtk one while i’m still on plasma? or do i have to rewrite it manually?

once used some breeze a like kvantum theme konqi from aur using that theme could made colors to qt5ct format you can use that color setting to qt6ct to0, to copy over… then i use that color scheme in qt5ct, you can try run qt5ct and mayby it can select the color scheme from the kde theming too? only you need qt theme that match the gtk theme offcourse…

i’m not sure i understand - i already have a theme i can import to qt5ct, i just need to make it into a gtk theme so my gtk windows will look the same.
on i3 this conversion isn’t automatic and i need to provide a gtk theme file to lxappearance.

ah ye offcourse think some color setting kde can makle it too ?

i haven’t found a way how to do it in kde color settings. i can only create and modify qt color schemes there, not gtk ones.

I’m not aware of any tools that you can use to convert/translate a qt theme into a gtk theme (even if there is, I highly doubt that it is reliable and that it won’t break the theme in the process). In your situation, since you are using a custom qt theme, I’m afraid the most reliable way to go about creating a corresponding gtk theme is to write the theme files yourself.

Here are a couple of links that you might find useful:

These tutorials should give you some basic information on how the gtk theming system works. You can read through them to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts first. After that, just download a pre-existing GTK theme and go through the theme files to look at the details. Tweak the parameters of the theme and see how the widgets on the screen change. You can even use those theme files as the starting point when you start writing your own custom GTK theme.

It’s not going to be easy, but you will probably learn a lot in the process.

Good luck.

As an i3 user myself, I welcome you on this journey to experience i3’s awesomeness.

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ah i see, it’s a shame that it can’t be done automatically. thanks for the advice though!